For MM, cosmetics not only have outstanding effects, but also its packaging is one of the reasons for buying. Packing cute cosmetics can definitely kill MM of any age. Today, Xiaobian has collected the cute makeup of the world's major makeup brands for MM. This year is the Year of the Rabbit.
" Ugly invincible" is indeed sought after, but who wants to be an ugly girl? Look at the following habits, you take a few, and make corrections. ● Abuse 1: I often pour the firming water directly on my hands, thinking that tapping with the hand will make the firming water more easi
The warm sunshine outside the window keeps telling people that the cold winter is about to pass, and the spring of all things has finally arrived. As the saying goes, the year is in spring, want to have a whole body whitening skin, of course, whitening lessons must start from early spring. Recommen
A product packaging contest was held at Avon’s headquarters in New York City. Among the more than 200 packaging styles, this silver staggered cylindrical tube was awarded the Tube Council's Ted Klein for its unique missile-style silver cap. Tube Annual Best Overall Packaging Award. The
Relevant experts pointed out that due to the abundance of waste plastics in China and the low cost of recycling, it is a national support project (tax exemption), and the investment in equipment is small, and the production process is simple. Therefore, there is a lot of “money” for th