The utility model relates to an easy unsealable packaging bag. The packaging bag comprises a bag body and a sealing line arranged on the bag body. The opening and closing sides of the bag body are a concavo-convex structure. Because the opening and closing sides of the bag of the present invention
The utility model belongs to the field of tapes and packaging, and in particular relates to an adhesive tape and a plastic packaging bag with the same. The adhesive tape of the present invention includes a base layer and a glue layer attached thereto, and the adhesive layer has a color. The plasti
Heinrich Ceramics recently developed a new four-color digital printing complete set that can be used in glass and ceramic (leaded and lead-free) color palettes to achieve digital printing and firing with precise control of color blending Pattern consistency. The greatest advantage of this device i
The utility model relates to a multi-chamber packed soft bag filled with medicinal powder or liquid medicine, which is convenient to carry and use. The utility model is characterized in that at least two bag pockets and volumes are separated by a false welding layer or a foldable tube. The soft ba
Seal-It introduced holographic shrink tapes and labels that cannot be copied or imitated. The shrink tape and label have a hologram strip that is suitable for any package that needs to be protected from tearing. The hologram is a 3-D image that can be made into a company icon. Due to the complexit
Soft drink bottles are less expensive to produce than other thermoplastic bottles, but they cannot withstand high temperatures or high pressures; thermosets are strong and pressure resistant but expensive. A U.S. company has manufactured a new type of plastic that combines the advantages of the ab
What is New Safeguard? In the world, Xinbao Shi brand represents the functionality of shoes and clothing. No matter what you want to do, it can provide protection and comfort in all kinds of weather. Most of Xinbaoshi's products are absolutely waterproof, windproof and breathable. On the oth