The development direction of paper packaging materials Among the four pillars of paper, plastic, metal, and glass, paper products have the fastest growth, and the price of paper is the cheapest. They can either be recycled or used as plant fertilizers, and they can also purify the environment. Th
Driven by the development of the chemical fiber industry, screen printing has become more and more widely used in the decorative processing of blended, interwoven, and purified fabrics. Screen printing is no longer limited to monotonous lines and color printing, but is increasingly used in color m
[Patent Name] Internal packing box of the compressor [Applicant] Lejin Electronics (Tianjin) Electric Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Ma Ying [Address of the main applicant] 300402 Xingdian Road, Beichen District, Tianjin [Application] 200410072568.0 【 Application Date 】 2004.10.29 【Appr