IPL Packaging Corporation has introduced a series of injection molded burglar-resistant barrel containers ranging in size from 8 ounces to 6 gallons. According to IPL, “The end-user wants containers that give consumers peace of mind, and retailers want to make sure their products are safe an
EDP ​​introduced a simple and elegant PET container bottle. This series of PET bottles can be used for the packaging of cosmetics and personal care products. It can also be used as a washing liquid and shampoo packaging. The bottle neck strength of PET bottles is up to 415". The
For home products such as baked goods or comfort foods, the natural brown appearance of corrugated paper reflects a healthy appearance and retro touch. In the food manufacturing industry in the past, "corrugated paper" had only one meaning: American cheese biscuits. However, today wheth
introduction The printing market is changing with each passing day and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but at the same time it is full of opportunities. Large format printing is a promising market. Some survey reports indicate that large-scale printing is the most potential and m
Prints printed with gold and silver inks are very popular among consumers, but there are a series of problems in the production, storage and use of these inks. This is a big challenge for screen printers. Before using metal powder inks, you need to understand the difference between gold and silver
First highlight the characteristics: different products, have different characteristics, this feature is often a company and its products are different from other companies, products, personalized, embodies the difference between the product and other similar products. The attraction of a company