[ Chinese wardrobe network ] From the perspective of use, the wardrobe must be a functional home product, and therefore, in addition to the design, powerful and delicate function settings are the key to winning. Wardrobe, the division of functions is especially important. How to prope
Recommendation one: Flyner double stylish multifunctional folding sofa bed Reference price: 700.00 yuan / piece The overall appearance of Flaina's folding sofa bed is very simple, a folding cushion, the design inherits Freina's consistent minimalist style. The color fabric is very
Carbon dioxide incubator is an indispensable and important equipment for scientific research in modern large and medium-sized hospitals. It simulates the formation of a cell-like tissue growth environment such as constant pH (pH value: 7..2 ~ 7..4), stable temperature (37!), Higher Humidity (95%),
Based on the years of production experience in the market of environmental testing companies, the following core requirements are given. For the development of the drop test machine industry, it must be guided by high and new technology, and carry out in-depth research and development around high