Beautiful new materials make PP food packaging more environmentally friendly and better

In recent days, Beautiful Ken introduced innovative materials to make food and beverages environmentally friendly packaging both beautiful and practical. In addition, Mirage introduces a UV protection solution for transparent PP injection-molded packaging.

Transparent Thermoformed Packaging: After adding Mirage NX 8000PP to Miracle Clear PP, manufacturers can produce lightweight PP thermoformable foldable packaging. The package can be as transparent as PET packaging products, and can be applied to microwave ovens and can be recycled.

NX UltraClear PP is a fully recyclable material that achieves a low carbon footprint during packaging production compared to other plastics. Packages made with NX UltraClear PP are lighter, such as food trays made with UltraClear PP that are 17.8% lighter than PET trays.

Easy-to-empty, eye-catching lightweight bottles: Transparent extrusion blow-molded bottles made with NX UltraClear PP can be instantly put on the shelf and appealing to consumers. The NX UltraClear PP combines handles and sophisticated, cool bottle designs to make it easier and faster to empty than other bottles.

Millad NX 8000 makes PP more transparent, lower density and lighter in weight. Achieve low energy consumption. For example, a transparent plastic bottle with a handle, if made of Millad NX 8000E, has a density of 0.9 g/cc, and a PET bottle of the same clarity grade has a density of 0.9 g/cc.

Transparent injection molding packaging: With NX UltraClear PP, the injection molding machine can achieve packaging, such as thin-walled packaging containers, not only high value, but also high production efficiency, low energy consumption Millad NX 8000 additive can reduce the temperature of injection molding process by 45 °C. Realize more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Polypropylene packaging UV protection: To meet the need to extend shelf life. ClearKint ClearCint CUV is a transparent absorber specially designed for PP. This additive inhibits UV transmission in injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding. It protects the contents of the bag from UV light, while the penetration of Millad NX 8000 transparent PP.

UV-resistant transparent PET bottles: Plastic bottles made of PET added with ClearShield UV additives protect foods that are sensitive to UV rays and prevent food spoilage. ClearKill's ClearShield is an innovative additive that retains the transparency of PET while blocking ultraviolet light at wavelengths up to 390nm. It is packaged to extend the shelf life of foods without the need for additional protective agents in the packaging material formulation.

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Nail Chair

The design of the nail chair allows people to fit the natural shape of the human body as much as possible when using it, so that the person who can use the tool does not need any active adaptation of the body and spirit when making the nails, so as to minimize the fatigue caused by the use of the tool. In addition, the leather material of the nail chair is fabric, which has high strength, softness and smoothness.

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