Berstorf launches ZE-type twin screw extrusion series

Berstorff, a German supplier of twin-screw extrusion equipment, introduced the company's new ZE-type twin-screw extrusion series at the show. According to Bettina Wagner, executive/marketing manager of Berstorff, since the components of the ZE series are highly standardized, this series of equipment has an excellent price/performance ratio and is particularly suitable for general-purpose compounding applications.

The new ZE Basic twin-screw extruder from Berstorff uses ZE Basic as an example. In terms of processability, the various thread assemblies complement each other, making them particularly suitable for general-purpose compounding applications. These uses include: alloying; enhanced modification; filled modification; blending of polyolefins or engineering plastics with natural fibers; This model has six screw diameter specifications (26-77 mm) and standard screw speeds of 600, 900, and 1200 rpm. The output rate depends on the specific application, the size of the machine and the screw speed, generally between 3-2,800 kg/h. Like the ZE UTX series, the ZE Basic model is also equipped with a second-generation enhanced BPC control system.

Source: China Plastic Rubber

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