Birth of BioVu, the VUTEk® Eco Ink for EFI Subsidiary

VUTEk®, a subsidiary of EFI, has developed a new generation of eco-friendly ink BioVu and launched it on the market recently. This new eco-friendly ink is made from recycled materials.

In the numerical control, ultra wide format printing presses, large and wide printing inks, commercial printing management and corporate printing management, EFI is in a world leading position.

End-users in the printing industry are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly inks, and the government is also developing laws to meet their growing needs. Environmental inks have many advantages, but compared with traditional inks, environmental inks lack the versatility of traditional inks. However, environmental protection ink can meet the user's requirements for environmental protection. It can print directly on large, uncoated, wide-format substrates without generating boring smoke, and also eliminates the expense of purchasing expensive ventilation systems.

"As with other types of inks, BioVu's durability, ability to adhere to uncoated surfaces, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance are strong. With BioVu inks, you can achieve high product yields and product quality. It can also be guaranteed," said Guy Gecht, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of EFI.

Source: EFI

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