Brighten skin color ice ice orange makeup

Brighten skin tone Fan Bingbing orange makeup

Although it is true that the yellow people are right, but the skin is dull and looks pale, the pursuit of white is the goal of most people. However, if you want to wash your skin, it will not be solved overnight, especially when your natural skin is yellowish. What should I do? Maybe an orange makeup can help you. Today, I will learn Fan Bingbing's orange makeup painting together with Xiao Bian !

Fan Ye is definitely a supporter of orange lipstick, not only in several interviews, but also that Asians are suitable for orange. In "Wu Mei Niang", Fan Ye's orange lip makeup is a craze.

Makeup step

1) After the basic care, first help the pores invisible and oil control through the pre-makeup products, so that the makeup is more compliant.

2) Air cushion BB creates a light-sensitive skin and enhances the color.

3) Put Barbie powder blush on the cheekbones, and use the fingertips to smudge, which is even more innocent.

4) Use the pink eyeshadow to cover the entire upper eyelid.

5) Gently apply the eyelids with brown eyeshadow.

6) Use a brown eyeliner to draw along the root of the eyelashes, then use a brown eye shadow to transition.

7) Simple eye makeup remover until finished here! If you want to create a round and flawless feel, you can use the eyeliner to gently draw the first two-thirds along the root of the lower eyelashes.

The focus has come, the focus has come, the focus has come, and important things are said three times. The next step is to brighten up the skin tone in one minute.

8) Apply a light glaze to the middle of the lips to create a moisturizing bite makeup effect.

9) If you want a matte texture, use a paper towel to gently rub your mouth.

10) Finally, press the air cushion BB to press the lip edge to make the lip makeup effect more obvious.

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