Canned food heating cup

【Patent Name】 Canned Food Heating Cup [Applicant] Su Zhihua [Inventor] Su Zhihua [Address of Principal Applicant] 325200 Unit 5, Room 5, Xinhu Building, Bund, Rui'an, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province [Application Number] 200520068622.4
【 Application Date 】 2005.01.24
【Accredited Announcement No.】 2765553
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.03.22
【 Main Classification 】 A47J36/26(2006.01)I
【Association number】 A47J36/26(2006.01)I A47G19/22(2006.01)I
【Sovereign Items】 1. A canned food heating cup, comprising a cup cover and a cup body, characterized in that: a rib is provided in the cavity of the cup body.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0612-2
[Abstract] The utility model relates to a cup, in particular to a cup which can heat the canned food with boiling water. The utility model adopts the following technical solution: A canned food heating sleeve cup comprises a cup cover and a cup body, and a cavity is provided in the cavity of the cup body. By adopting the above technical solutions, the utility model overcomes the existing difficulties and provides a canned food heating cup that can both uniformly heat the canned food with boiling water and can be used as an ordinary cup.
【 Agency 】 Wenzhou Haoyue Patent Agency Co., Ltd. 【Agent】 Yang Jianzhong

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