Causes and prevention measures of urban drainage pipeline blockage

Modernization of urban construction. All kinds of public facilities are required to be modernized accordingly. The modernization of drainage facilities is an important part of it. The mission of the drainage industry is to protect the environment from pollution, promote the development of industrial and agricultural production, and protect the health and normal life of the general public. However, due to the rapid development of urban construction. These drainage facilities are not suitable, causing partial blockage of the pipeline or poor drainage.

So that the phenomenon of sewage overflow occurs from time to time. Especially in the rainy season, the frequency of rainfall increases and the amount of rainfall is concentrated. The clogging of the pipeline directly affects the drainage capacity. When it is serious, flooded houses are formed. Flooded streets are everywhere. Water threatens the life and property safety of urban residents and causes huge economic losses for enterprises and institutions. So how to improve the function of the drainage system and prevent the drainage pipe from being blocked has become a very important question before us. The following is a brief understanding of the reasons for the drainage pipe blockage and the preventive measures that should be taken.

The main reasons caused by pipeline blockage are analyzed below. 3 1 Design reasons 1.1 The design and planning have been out of sync for many years. Urban drainage planning schemes cannot be fully and systematically implemented. Due to financial reasons or administrative intervention, the design department is often unable to design as planned. Causes confusion in the drainage system, headaches are common. The method of relieving the pain of the foot is incomplete, and the transformation of the old pipeline is not thorough. Can only solve the question at the time. The channel set up, due to funding reasons, also only considers local interests and ignores long-term development. It caused difficulties in the connection of the subsequent projects, which restricted the extension date of the branch of the drainage system on March 23, 999.

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Stretch. In this way, it is easy to form the slope and long neck phenomenon in the drainage system. Potential factors for pipeline clogging are left.

12 Some construction units are not designed according to the specifications. In order to save money, they design themselves or find some personnel with lower design level. They have little knowledge of design specifications. In particular, the relatively remote street drainage is often designed without a license or is only allowed to be connected by the construction unit. The slope of the pipeline can not meet the requirements of the specification. Such problems are the main cause of pipeline blockage in the future.

1.3 The slope is small due to geographical reasons. The terrain is flat in some areas. The natural slope is very small, and the burial depth of the original main line is relatively shallow. In order to meet the requirements of buried depth, the newly-built pipeline has reduced the slope. Make the sewage in the pipeline not reach the self-cleaning flow rate. Plus. The pipelines in our city are combined with rain and pollution. In the rainless season, the fullness and flow rate of the pipeline can not meet the scouring requirements. Over time. Dirt deposits block the pipeline.

2 Reasons for construction 2.1 Not strictly according to the design and construction Individual construction units do not strictly follow the construction and do not change the design according to the program requirements. Do not write a design change order first. What's more, it is true after the facts are completed. Some construction units do not pay attention to quality only during the construction period, and often start construction without design, resulting in the phenomenon of first construction and then out. Such projects are far from satisfying the functions and design requirements. Thereby burying unexpected hidden dangers.

2.2 The construction is not in accordance with the standard, and the quality of the project is poor. A few construction units only pay attention to the progress but not the quality. There is no complete quality assurance system, the construction organization design is unreasonable or there is no construction organization design. Illegal construction operation rules and poor project quality.

If the strength of concrete does not meet the design requirements. Causes uneven settlement of the pipeline.

The gap of the pipe interface exceeds the standard. The staggering is serious, the interface wipe tape is not standard construction or even wipe tape. Damaged orifice caused pipeline leakage; backfill is not dense. Mechanical one-sided backfill. Promote the local deviation of the axis of the pipe; check for debris in the well pipe. These quality problems are the direct cause of pipeline blockage.

23 Unqualified pipe The inner wall of the pipe is not smooth. Leaky. The nozzle is not round and smooth. All directly affect the ability of the pipeline to pass water. Make the dirt easy to catch the deposit 3 management reasons first. Due to insufficient maintenance funds, the rainwater wells of pipeline inspection wells could not be cleared in time. Secondly. Poor management. Sewage from the street shops and restaurant snacks is directly connected to the well. Keep a lot of debris in the tube and well. Cause blockage. No. Due to the low level of public opinion of a few people, social awareness is not good enough to dump garbage in the well and cause pipeline blockage.

The above-mentioned aspects reflect the reasons of pipeline blockage to varying degrees. The following measures should be taken to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of clogging.

3.1 Strengthen design supervision and management, improve design level (1) Establish and improve the planning and design supervision and management system to eliminate unqualified and unreasonable design, minimize short-term local behaviors regardless of planning, promote new technologies and new experiences, and encourage design departments to adopt new solutions and technologies

3.2 Strengthen the construction management and strictly control the quality of the project. (1) Strictly follow the construction workers. The construction personnel shall not change at will. 2 Do a good job in the design of the construction organization to strengthen the construction process management. During construction. Each process should be constructed and accepted in strict accordance with the operating procedures and technical requirements. If problems are found, timely remedial measures should be taken to avoid hidden dangers.

Strengthen quality management and establish a sound quality assurance system. Ensure the quality of the project during construction. Likou made great quality supervision efforts for unqualified inspections, and promptly conducted inspection and acceptance of hidden projects. Frequently conduct exchange meetings on project quality. Resolutely put an end to the adverse factors caused by quality problems.

Professional technical training for Likouqiang practitioners. Make the project quality to a new level. Improve the professional level and professional ethics of employees. So that construction personnel can understand that everyone understands technology and specifications, and is familiar with quality standards. Thereby improving the quality of the project. Reduce hidden dangers.

3.3 Strengthen maintenance and management After the drainage system is put into use, it is necessary to strengthen maintenance and management. It is necessary to ensure that the maintenance fees are in place in time, so that the pipeline can be dredged in time for maintenance and repair; the supervision of municipal facilities should be strengthened. Resolutely combat criminal acts of theft and destruction of public facilities. Put an end to the undesirable phenomenon of messy joints and rubbish, and do a good job in propaganda and education. Efforts will be made to improve the public moral standards of the citizens, let everyone stand up to maintain our public facilities, and beautify their homes. In short, the blockage of drainage pipes has many factors from design and construction to management. Therefore, it is necessary to start from this aspect in the governance process and combine it with the actual situation. A comprehensive system of grabs. In order to benefit future generations, there must be a long-term plan with advanced awareness. Whether it is the transformation of the old pipeline or the laying of the new pipeline. There must be a hundred-year plan. The idea of ​​quality first, completely eliminate the unfavorable factors of pipeline blockage.

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