Corrugated board performance improvement (below)

2.3 insulation cold corrugated cardboard

This is a kind of corrugated paperboard used for low-temperature storage and transportation of aquatic products, foods and fruits and vegetables. The original use of foam polystyrene boxes, in order to eliminate the white pollution, gradually tend to use corrugated cardboard boxes. Its early products were composite aluminum foil or vacuum aluminized film on the surface of the liner board, and a foam layer could also be added between the composite layers. However, these corrugated paperboards are difficult to recycle and recycle. Recent products have noticed a breakthrough in recycling. The key technology is to develop a special thermal insulation coating. The coating has the following characteristics: (I) It has heat reflectivity to improve its heat insulation effect; (2) It has certain water resistance, gas barrier and moisture resistance. (3) Easy to dissociate in water; (4) Meet food hygiene requirements. The paint is applied on the backboard of the corrugated board (forming the inner wall surface of the corrugated box) to form a heat-preserving and cold-resisting corrugated cardboard with a certain preservation performance. Recently there are also products that combine corrugated board with low-stitch paper (less than 0.2 g/cm2).

Using this kind of heat-insulating corrugated cardboard, a new type of corrugated paper food packaging box has appeared in the Japanese market in recent years. The structure of the box wall arranged from the outer layer to the inner layer is: noodle paper layer, corrugated layer, core layer, noodle paper layer, a special formula of foam rubber, aluminum foil. This carton can play a role in insulation and can be used to package foods, such as cooked meat and frozen foods, but also replace the traditional metal lunch boxes.

2.4 Insect Corrugated Cardboard

Some food pests with strong penetrating power can penetrate the packaging board, which not only damages the food but also damages the reputation of food manufacturers and sellers. Therefore, the insect-resistant corrugated paperboard has a broad market. There are two kinds of methods for pest control: (1) Physical methods, that is, packaging a single food with a film with a higher strength, so that the insects are impenetrable and insect-proof. However, this method must change the existing packaging production line, and additionally increase the cost of the film; (2) Use a chemical method, that is, use chemicals coated cardboard to prevent insects, the specific approach is in corrugated cardboard noodles The surface of the cardboard is coated with insect repellent paint. This kind of insect-proof paint is not an insecticide but a natural essential oil that can be used as a food additive. Its role is not to kill insects, but to deworm them and prevent them from invading from the outside. This will not change the existing packaging line and keep the cost low. The simple addition can be printed on the cardboard surface with a flexographic printer, suitable for small batch production, and the waste paperboard can be recycled.

2.5 Non-slip corrugated cardboard

Increase the slip resistance of the corrugated box surface to prevent it from slipping and stacking during automatic stacking. When the inclination of the box surface increases to a certain degree, the carton piled on it will slide off and the tilt angle at this time will be called the slip angle. Some countries have specified a slip angle greater than 4o degrees. There are several measures to improve the slip resistance, such as mechanically roughening the surface of corrugated board, or coating the surface of cardboard with colloidal SiO, and others using hot-melt coating to apply hot-melt coating. The latest technology is Non-slip coating microcapsules are applied to the cardboard surface. The paint is generally applied to the surface of the linerboard, or coated on the upper surface of the box on the cartoner, or simultaneously with the printing operation when the printed corrugated cardboard is manufactured. In order to enhance the stability and anti-friction properties of the non-slip surface to the logistics environment (temperature, humidity), the corrugated board can also adopt concave and convex surface design. The method is: coating the surface of the paperboard with a particle size of l0-50μm (spherical particle hollow body), and the large frictional force is generated by the engagable effect of the spherical coating and the unevenness. Non-slip corrugated cardboard has repeated friction without deterioration, no damage to the surface; there is no surface damage due to temperature, humidity; can be processed in the ordinary corrugated board production process; in the entire logistics process without problems; safety and health and many other advantages.

2.6 color printing corrugated cardboard

This is a kind of corrugated cardboard used to display and promote the packaged goods. The cartons made of it are generally pleasing to the eye and printed with three or more colors. Therefore, the surface of the linerboard has a colored or white surface layer and can also be preprinted. The pre-printing is carried out during the production of the liner board, and the printing effect is higher than that of the general corrugated cardboard. It can also be combined with the aforementioned anti-slip processing. Generally used for canned beer and other food and beverage packaging. In order to improve the degree of exquisiteness, the surface can be combined with offset printing paper for the packaging of various gifts and export goods.

2.7 far infrared packaging corrugated cardboard

This kind of paper is coated on the surface of corrugated board made from plant fibers. First, it is coated with a layer of ceramic powder that can release far-infrared rays. Then a layer of polyethylene film is coated on the ceramic powder to prevent the ceramic powder from falling off. Far-infrared packing corrugated board can be processed into packing boxes for packing fruits, which can prolong the retention period of the activation state of water molecules in fruits, so that the preservation period of fruits is more than 1 time longer than that of ordinary corrugated cardboard boxes.

2.8 Fireproof Corrugated Cardboard

As a result of higher requirements for the packaging of flammable products, Arnox Corp of Connecticut developed a fire-retardant corrugated cardboard. This kind of fire-retardant corrugated board not only has stronger physical properties than untreated materials, but also fully meets the requirements in the fire test of the simulated warehouse, and has been tested by a factory producing flammable products as a suitable packaging cartons. The chemical treatment method of the corrugated box is to infiltrate the base paper with a fireproof chemical agent before making the corrugated paperboard, or to infiltrate the fireproof chemical solvent with the ordinary corrugated board or cartons that have been made. By controlling the amount of St3N into the drug, Anox can provide three levels of fire protection: the lowest level (E-162 and E-84), the surface can withstand the spread of the flame. The standard grade can achieve the specifications for preventing flames of 3 sizes and other required properties. High-strength grades, impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals, have the most reliable fire performance and are suitable for packaging highly hazardous, highly flammable liquids.

The fireproof corrugated carton can withstand 15 minutes of direct flame contact, which is very beneficial to the protection of the product. However, its price is only about 1.5 times that of general non-chemically treated fire-retardant corrugated boxes, which is 4 to 8 times higher than the average price of ordinary corrugated boxes. The company is still continuing its efforts to strive for cost reductions.

The successful development of fire-retardant corrugated board can be further applied to the packaging of computer equipment, electronic products, precision instruments and other advanced products to reduce the risk of these products being burned out. The American Fire Protection Association also predicts that linear or high-density plastic bottles packed in fireproof corrugated boxes will better protect flammable liquids from being stored.

3 Conclusion

The research and development of multi-functional corrugated board provides a newer market for the carton industry. With the infiltration of global environmental protection and sustainable development concepts, as well as the continuous expansion of the packaging field, flexible design methods, unique functions, and low cost will make corrugated paperboards that can be used in various industries more demanding. In addition, as the paper industry continues to innovate in specialty paper and process paper technology, the future of corrugated paperboard will gradually develop from the original single-package protection function to the combination of product protection and environmental protection, protection performance and attracting effect, and gradually realize the transportation and The sales packaging function is combined into one. It can be expected that the production technology and application of new corrugated board will be unprecedentedly developed.

Source: "Packaging Project" Lu Yanna Li Li Dalian Institute of Light Industry

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