Dow Launches High-Performance Hard Packaging New Materials

Dow Chemical Company newly introduced several high-performance hard packaging materials, in addition to a good ratio and toughness, the transparency is also good.

Among them, Inspire 213 and Inspire 215 are two polypropylene homopolymer grades, which have better rigidity and transparency than general polypropylene. Inspire 213 thermoformed products with good transparency and gloss, heat resistance required for microwave and hot filling, short molding cycle, thinning of product thickness, applied to dry goods and fresh food dish; Inspire 215 is an injection grade grade , It has the heat resistance required for microwave heating and hot filling, and the processing and molding are fast. The products added with the filler have good gloss and light weight and are suitable for thin-walled injection molded food containers.

Polystyrene series has high transparency, rigidity and heat resistance, and can be directly applied without blending with other materials or coating the surface with a high gloss layer. This type of material is particularly attractive to the sealing market.

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