Evaluation: Ou Shennuo crystallized jade tiles anti-skid moisture-proof super wear-resistant

Founded in 1998, Foshan Oshino Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a highly innovative national high-tech enterprise. "Osino" comes from the Italian "OCEANO", meaning ocean. The famous Italian ceramic expert of Oceano Company was inspired by the moving legend of "Noah's Ark" in the Bible, creating a beautiful, fashionable and luxurious ceramic brand of Oceano.

Oceano has three modern ceramic production bases, two of which are located in Foshan, China's ceramic capital, covering an area of ​​1200 acres, and the other production base is located in Jingdezhen, the millennium porcelain capital, with an investment of 1.3 billion yuan and an area An area of ​​1800 acres. The company has advanced ceramic production equipment and is famous for scientific and standardized program management, innovative and leading new product development and lean production of multiple series of products. It specializes in the production and operation of various high-end architectural ceramic products, including light bricks and vitrified bricks. , Glazed wall and floor tiles, matt bricks, various wall and floor tiles parquet waist line and other varieties of high-end building ceramic products.

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Evaluation brand: Oceano Ceramics

Tile name: vitrified brick crystal jade

Tile model: X21060P

Tile style: European

Tile size: 600 * 600

Applicable parts: indoor floor tiles

Upgrade service: free linear cutting

Product link: http://mall.jia.com/item/44528/

Evaluation items: appearance, size, dryness, density, hardness, water absorption, stain resistance, wear resistance, paving effect

Oceano Crystallized Jade selects high-purity raw materials containing large amounts of jade components, such as carbohydrate silicates containing sodium, calcium, aluminum, and other trace elements. At the same time, these high-purity raw materials rich in jade components are scientifically Mixing ratio, simulating the crystallization principle of natural jade to form igneous rock, deep dialysis of jade crystal phase, high temperature sintering, crystal flower clearing has the characteristics of jade.

1. Product appearance

Oceano tiles simulate the crystallization principle of natural jade to form igneous rock, deep dialysis of jade crystal phase, high temperature sintering, each piece is crystal clear and has the characteristics of jade. It can be seen from the detail picture that the embryo body texture of the ceramic tile is uniform, and the texture is well-spaced. After paving, it can be firmly combined with the cement on the wall, and on the back of each tile, there is the Oceano logo.

Second, the size evaluation

The editor randomly selected a tile and measured the two diagonals separately, and found that the lengths are all the same length, both 84.81mm, and the standard 600 * 600mm ceramic tiles are diagonally long.

3. Evaluation of dryness

The editor still randomly selected a tile, placed the tile on the wall, and pressed the four corners to see whether the four corners could be tightly close to the ground. After careful inspection, it was found that the four corners could be tightly close to the ground. Dryness evaluation pass.

4. Density evaluation

The editor tapped the tiles with his hands, his voice was crisp. (Knock on the brick. If the sound of the brick is crisp and loud, it means the quality of the brick is good. It is well cooked; if the sound is abnormal, it means there is heavy skin or crack in the brick. Heavy skin is the air in the material when the brick is formed, resulting in The combination between the materials is not good, the internal crack is not visible from the surface, and only the sound can be identified.)

V. Hardness evaluation

First put the tile upright to the ground, and at the same time put a layer of cardboard under the tile. When ready, let the tile go. The four corners of the tile are intact and there is no damage on the whole, indicating that the tile has high hardness. (The hardness of ceramic tiles is the main criterion for consideration, because hardness will directly affect the service life of ceramic tiles.)

6. Evaluation of water absorption

The editor poured water on the back of a randomly selected tile. After 5 minutes, the water did not seep on the back of the tile, indicating low water absorption. (The tiles will swell when they are absorbed into the water. The poor quality tiles have high water absorption rate. The surface of the tiles is cracked due to the expansion. The dirt in the water is easy to be sucked in. It is easy to produce odors when used for a long time. Therefore, when choosing tiles Pay attention to its water absorption index. The water absorption index refers to the ceramic product has a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the product.)

7. Evaluation of pollution resistance

The editor writes the three characters "Osino" on a randomly selected piece of Oshino with an oil-based pen. After the handwriting is air-dried, it can be wiped off with a damp cloth and the oil-proof effect is good. (Osino tiles treat the surface of the brick, and coat the brick with a protective film, which has super anti-fouling ability.)

Eight, wear resistance evaluation

The editor took the key tip and scraped the tile on the spot, carefully observed the scratched area, it was still bright and smooth, without any scratches, indicating that the Oshino tile is wear-resistant and you can choose it with peace of mind.

Nine, evaluation of paving effect

The surface of the crystallized jade is finely polished, the surface is smooth and smooth, the contact surface with the sole of the foot is large, and the friction coefficient is high, so the anti-skid performance is relatively good, suitable for laying on the bathroom floor, and the density is high and the moisture resistance is good.

Evaluation summary:

Oceano's crystallized jade tiles use high-purity raw materials rich in jade components for scientific proportioning, simulating the crystallization principle of natural jade to form igneous rocks. High-temperature sintering, crystal clear crystals have the characteristics of jade, and the surface is smooth and smooth. And the anti-skid performance is relatively good, suitable for laying on the bathroom floor, high density and good moisture resistance.

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