Glaskin system uses hot isolator technology

The Glaskin system uses a thermal barrier coating technique to apply a layer of 10 to 20 nanometres of transparent silicon oxide (SiOx) to the inner wall of the PET bottle. The technique is to inject a gaseous compound into the blow bottle and then heat it to melt the SiOx. Knot on the inner wall. Tests have shown that this kind of polyester bottled beer with inner coating can be packaged for 4 to 12 months. The shape can be arbitrarily designed, the volume is 200ml~2L, and the coating rate can reach 18,000/hour. This technology allows the establishment of a filling line in the blow-molding plant, which allows the coated polyester bottles to be fed directly to the filling equipment. PET bottles made with Glaskin's in-line coating technology can be completely recycled. The barrier coating can withstand a certain amount of stress and is not afraid of coating loss due to extrusion, collapse, and other damage. Sweden's leading brewer, Supendraps, became the first user. In the first quarter of 2000, 0.5Lglaskin bottles of beer were introduced.

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