Guangdong launches digital strobe still imager

Guangdong Chaoan Guanghua Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a digital stroboscopic imager. The stroboscope has a digital display function. It can not only observe the image but also display the number of times the image passes, improving the detection accuracy of the packaging and printing industry. The precision of the counting control is an upgraded product of the stroboscope and is also superior to the similar products in Japan.
The stroboscope is also called a stroboscopic still imager. It is a device that uses the principle of synchronizing the flash and the rotating frequency to make a stationary image of a moving object and an instrument for observing and detecting the rotation speed and operation of the object. For example, moving objects, when speed is faster, the eyes can not see the image. Using the stroboscope to observe, when the image of the fast transport object arrives at a certain position, the stroboscopic flash emits a flash and stimulates the eye. When the image of the fast moving object reaches this position, the flash fires, because the eyes have Vision retention function, the eyes see a "still" image. Therefore, this instrument does not detect. The instrument has a wide range of uses: for the packaging and printing industry, can detect high-speed printing process chromatography, ink color, die cutting, punching, folding, etc.; used in the textile industry, can detect the spinning spindle speed and looms to send weft Wait. In addition, it can also be used in industries such as electromechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing, chemical engineering, optics, medical treatment, shipbuilding and aviation.

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