Introduce a simple and convenient convenient barrel production line

Introduce a simple and convenient convenient barrel production line

Tianjin Paint Packaging Equipment Factory Zhang Yusheng

When the thickness of the barrel is less than 0.5 mm, the convenience of the barrel can save about 20% of the board. Because it is convenient to open the mouth of the barrel, it is faster when filling, and it can also be automated. It does not damage the barrel when it is opened. In this way, the contents can be stirred and inverted during construction, and can be recycled or modified for civilian use.

There are currently two types of bucket tops for convenient buckets: one is a multi-bar bucket top and is fastened with manual or pneumatic clamps after filling. Since the glue is heated and solidified in the top of the multi-bar barrel, the sealing property is very good. The disadvantage is that the stamping die is complicated, the cost is high, and the service life is short. There is a special fastening tool, which is not suitable for small batch production. After opening, there is no special tool that can't be fastened. The other type is the top of the earless bucket. It is fastened by the clamping ring. There is also a sealing rubber ring in the top of the bucket. Therefore, the sealing is good and can be opened many times. The sealing is not good. change. In contrast, the latter is more suitable for China's national conditions, the latter is slightly more expensive (because there is a clamping ring).

Since the late 1960s, the Tianjin Paint Factory has built an automatic production line for producing 20-liter convenient barrels, and later introduced a more advanced production line with an annual output of 2.5 million from France. Since then, Beijing, Chongqing, Northeast and other places have introduced automatic production lines for convenient barrels in Japan, France, Italy and Taiwan. However, these are still rare for a country like China. What is the reason?

1. The imported automatic production lines mostly use complex hydraulic transmission and electrical control. The spare parts are expensive. Some domestic products cannot be purchased. They must be ordered from abroad, and often a small part is broken, resulting in the suspension of production. China's foreign automatic production lines that have been expensive to introduce foreign exchange have not been able to produce normally. However, since the semi-automatic production lines produced in China are digested and absorbed by foreign countries, most of them use foreign complicated electrical and hydraulic control. The cost is still high and there are many failures. Generally, SMEs cannot afford it.

2, due to China's large land, small and medium-sized enterprises are scattered, due to transportation difficulties, the large and complete production line can not play a role.

3. There are few publicity reports and the information is not working.

China's 20-liter convenience bucket has been on the market for nearly 30 years, and more than 90% of factories still use old-fashioned packaging barrels. For some people, the information is too occluded. Some newspapers and magazines have published an appeal for improved paint packaging, and the problems with the old-fashioned packaging have been overcome.

Convenient barrels can not be promoted and used, as well as the following technical difficulties:

1. Since the introduction of the production line has extremely high requirements on the material of the thin steel plate and high cutting precision, the product cost is high, and the price is 1.5-2 times of the equivalent volume.

2, there are four difficulties in the manufacturing process, namely, the expansion cone, the barrel top coiled tube (the end is rolled into a round tube to strengthen the rigidity, easy to seal), the ribs and the bottom of the barrel to shrink the neck.

The automatic production line of convenient barrels at home and abroad adopts hydraulic transmission, which has complex structure, high cost and high failure rate. Often, 30 barrels per minute can be produced, and only 4-5 pieces per minute are produced due to troubleshooting, and only 2,000-3,000 units are produced.

3. In the terminal of the production line during high-speed production, the mouth can not be transported away in time, causing parking, or the barrel is broken.

4, due to high-speed production, can not be 100% inspection, so there are defective products, can not be found in time.

5. It is affected by external conditions too much, such as power supply voltage, water temperature and temperature, which affect the normal operation of the equipment.

In order to overcome the above shortcomings and adapt to China's national conditions, the simple and convenient barrel production line came into being.

The simple and convenient barrel production line has two structures:

1. In order to save energy and cost, it will facilitate four difficulties in barrel production, pre-roll-expansion cone-roller-stretching, four processes on one workbench, one motor, all mechanical transmission, no Complex electrical control and hydraulic devices, so the cost is only 1/50 of the imported or 1/3 of the existing semi-automatic equipment in China. It can produce 6-10 barrels per minute. Since the loading and unloading are manual and hand-held, few defective products are produced. As with imported equipment, it is also a process, and the power consumption is only 1/20 of the import or 1/5 of the domestic semi-automatic equipment. The electricity bill saved far exceeds the wage of the workers. I think that the "four in one" of the four processes together is most suitable for China's national conditions.

2. In order to increase the production capacity to 10-15/min, the above-mentioned devices can be divided into four single machines in a day, but the cost is slightly increased, and the energy consumption is also increased by 1-1.5 times. Although the above device only uses the simplest mechanical transmission, the mold and the tire are completely designed and manufactured according to the precision of the imported equipment, so the appearance and precision of the product are inferior to those of the imported barrel. At the same time, due to the absorption of the characteristics of the East and the West, some improvements have been made, and the appearance is superior, and the requirements for the iron plate are not high. Therefore, our production line is called: simple and fine. Another feature of simplicity and precision is that you can produce 4L, 10L, 20L three convenient buckets on the same device by simply changing the mold and the tire. This device has already been put into production. If 4L, 10L, 20L convenient barrels can be put on the market in large quantities, lowering the selling price, is the problem of paint packaging not solved already?

More importantly, because the simple and convenient barrel production line does not require high raw materials, the equipment does not need expensive spare parts, and the energy consumption is low, so the product cost is low, and the difference from the ordinary barrel is even lower.

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