Introduction of the scope of application of high vacuum vacuum distillation analyzer


Use and scope of application

This instrument is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the People's Republic of China industry standard SH/TO165-92 "High-boiling range petroleum products high vacuum distillation determination method", suitable for the determination of high-boiling range petroleum products such as wax oil and lubricating oil. Cheng.

Structural features

The instrument consists of a distillation unit, a condensing unit and a vacuum decompression system.

1. The distillation device is composed of a temperature rise rate control system and a heating furnace elevator. The main component of the temperature rise rate adjustment circuit is a solid state voltage regulator, which is simple to install, convenient to use, reliable in performance, and the output voltage is directly displayed by the voltmeter. Easy to control. The heating chamber insulation cover observation window adopts the front opening type, which provides great convenience for the installation of the flask, the adjustment of the height of the hob and the observation of the heating furnace.

2. The receiving cylinder of the condensing device is inserted into the stainless steel bath (with observation window in front), built-in lighting and heating tube and temperature sensor, and the temperature control of the bath is controlled by numerical control digital display, which is simple and intuitive.

3. The vacuum decompression system consists of a vacuum pressure gauge, a pressure regulating valve, a buffer bottle, a vacuum pump, and a connecting pipe. The connection is airtight, the pressure adjustment is easy to operate, and the observation is convenient. An external vacuum pump is used for decompression during instrument testing. The U-type vacuum pressure gauge is filled with mercury to form a mercury pressure gauge, and a scale is placed below it as a mercury pressure gauge reading scale.

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