IP network digital addressing broadcasting system

EVA network audio broadcasting system is a set of pure digital audio broadcasting system based on IP network. Different from the traditional analog audio broadcasting, the EVA network audio broadcasting system is fully integrated with the standard IP network in physical structure. The content limitation, space limitation and function limitation of the analog broadcasting system. EVA network audio broadcasting system can not only completely replace the traditional analog audio broadcasting system, but also provide a wider space for the application of audio broadcasting.
The operating platform of the EVA network audio broadcasting system is system software. By controlling the audio stream signals on the network, it can easily realize the transmission of any path and multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, the application function and management function are open and flexible, and can be carried out at any time Set up, really meet the actual application, and can continue to expand.
Product advantages:
â—† The system is directly embedded in the IP network, using the existing network
â—† Arbitrary, unlimited partition, different content can be played to different areas at the same time
â—† Multi-task preset management mode to achieve unattended all-weather
â—† Support cross-gateway remote transmission and centralized management and control
â—† Embedded hardware terminal, stable and reliable, without fear of virus attack
◆ Support 24 hours continuous work (standby power consumption ≤1W), emergency broadcast at any time
â—† Powerful management software to meet the needs of full-featured real-time broadcast control and system management
Product Features:
â—† Personalized timing automatic playback
â—† Pure network broadcast
â—† Classroom audio real-time on demand
â—† Leader's online live speech
â—† Real-time voice broadcast or live broadcast
â—† Background music playback
â—† Local audio amplification in the classroom
â—† Built-in switching module in the terminal
â—† Multi-point remote network sub-control function
â—† Timed broadcast management
â—† Permission setting
â—† Arbitrary partition grouping, automatic live broadcast, broadcast
â—† Special area addressing control for separate live broadcast and broadcast
â—† Select a certain area for temporary emergency live broadcast and broadcast
â—† Play different content to different areas at the same time

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