Japan's steel drum automatic production line

Japan's steel drum automatic production line

Yang Wenliang

I. Japan's steel drum manufacturing industry

Japan's steel drum manufacturing industry began in 1930, when the production capacity was quite low, all produced by manual methods. By 1960, the steel drum manufacturing industry developed rapidly, mainly because of the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, and secondly, the steel industry also had a high speed of development. At present, Japan's automatic production lines for steel drums have been exported in batches. The production capacity of steel drums per month for each of the 10 modern automatic steel drum production lines in China is 1,000,000. These steel barrel production enterprises are all from 1959 to 1969. In the past 10 years, 75% of the steel drum products produced by these factories are 200L steel drums. There are 18 of these companies. Twelve of these companies are located in two economically developed regions of Tokyo and Osaka, each producing more than 70,000 per month. I

Second, automatic steel barrel production line

Since the production of steel drums in large quantities using steel materials, the production line of Japanese steel drums has not exceeded 3.5/min in the 30 years since 1965. However, at present, the production capacity of the steel drum production line has exceeded the speed of 5 / min. This is due to the high efficiency produced by fully automated production equipment.

In Japan, the production capacity of the 200L steel drum production line with a monthly production capacity of less than 70,000 is 2.4/min, mostly concentrated in small steel drum manufacturing enterprises. The average number of operators per line of such production lines is about 23.5. The larger steel drum production line requires only 14.8 operators, because of the difference in the degree of automation of the production line.

Third, the automation results application examples

1. Types of automation projects

Below, we will introduce the latest achievements that are representative in Japan.

(1) Bucket bottom cover type
The device automatically forms the bottom of the steel drum and presses the annular corrugation on the bottom cover at one time. The pressure of the equipment is 250t. Usually the device requires only one person to operate and has a 5% investment income.

(2) Automatically and accurately supply the mouthpiece

The parts are automatically supplied from the top of the device, not only fast, but also accurate. It is used for the pressing process of the bottom cover of the bucket and the mouthpiece. The supply speed is automatically matched with the host to automatically find the best position. This greatly saves labor.

(3) Automatically supply the top of the bucket to the barrel

This device can automatically and accurately press the bottom of the bucket from both ends to facilitate quick sealing. The equipment is able to automatically locate and automate equipment maintenance, so only one operator can complete the production.

(4) Installation and removal of temporary turnover cover

Temporary circumferential barrel mouthpieces need to be installed and removed before and after steel drum coating to prevent paint from being sprayed into the barrel, as the official barrel mouthpiece is electroplated and does not require painting. This device provides fully automated installation and removal of the turnover cover, saving labor.

(5) Automatic installation of barrel mouthpieces

The barrel mouthpiece is automatically supplied after the steel drum is painted and accurately installed. When installing, the first can guarantee higher production efficiency, and the second should adopt suitable tightening force. According to the needs of consumers, it is also possible to install a safety ring or a security cover at the mouth of the barrel. These tasks are automatically controlled using microcomputer digital functions.

(6) Steel drum automatic printing machine

This machine is a device for printing the appearance of steel drums. It can print the contents of various fonts, production date and number on the steel drums according to the needs of users. The equipment can be installed in a more elegant environment. And very labor-saving.

2, the latest automation results

Recently, Japan is conducting the latest automation research. Some of these results have already begun to be used in some factories.

(1) Automatic forming of the bottom of the bucket and the top of the bucket

The device can automatically supply raw materials from the outside, and automatically separate the bottom of the bucket from the top of the bucket. Then, the bucket mouth piece is automatically installed on the top of the bucket, and is automatically branched and sent to the crimping assembly machine for automatic feeding. The machine is doing this work quickly and accurately according to a specific procedure.

(2) Automatic trimming of the overlapping part of the barrel

When there is an extra thick double-layered edge at the lap joint of the barrel body, the equipment can be detected by an automatic detecting device, and the two methods of rolling and grinding are automatically performed to achieve the required lap thickness. It is convenient to obtain uniform sealing quality when the package is packaged.

(3) Longitudinal seam welding of the barrel

This is an improved and efficient seam welder that produces 700 steel drums per hour. The device is currently enabled to replace the original horizontal weld vertically. After welding, the barrel shape remains unchanged, and the quality is stable, and can withstand loading from all directions.

(4) Composite Monitoring Center

The composite monitoring center is used for comprehensive monitoring of the whole process of steel drum production. It uses a computer to monitor the operation of each device in the production line through a digital information processing system. The processing judgment uses the visualized interactive information of the image to be fed back to the binary microcomputer system, and the information processed by the microcomputer can achieve the best processing effect.

(5) Horizontal coating equipment

In order to improve the coating efficiency of the barrel, improve the coating quality, and leave a blank in the parts that do not need to be coated, Japan has developed a horizontal coating production line. This is an automatic coating transfer device that automatically realizes layered coating of multiple colors. The equipment was developed to reduce labor and increase production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs.

(6) Automatic printing plate preparation system

Originally printed on the steel drum, etc. is a hand-made printing plate, which is complicated and cumbersome, and easy to make mistakes, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Now this problem has been solved. The computer automatic printing plate preparation system developed by B can input the content at any time with the keyboard, and can be typeset as required, and can be printed immediately. The printed version is stored in a computer program and can be automatically recalled for the next use. The system saves time and effort, and all work is under the control of the supervision program, which can be made accurate.

(7) Steel drum automatic leak detection system

At present, the most widely used steel drum leak detection device is to inject compressed air into the steel drum, and then apply soapy water to the joint outside the barrel to observe whether there is air bubble overflow. The laborious and time-consuming quality of this method is difficult to guarantee. The new automatic leak detection system developed in Japan is made by the principle of airflow emission. The precision airflow emission auditory system can detect tiny airflow overflow. This kind of equipment has very accurate detection capability and low detection cost, and has been applied in production.

(8) Warehouse stack

At present, a highly efficient stack storage system has been launched, which is a new system that saves time, labor and space. It can automatically stack steel drums layer by layer, the point is that different sizes of steel drums can not be mixed. But it does make the warehouse stack simple and effortless.

Fourth, the future of automation development

In order to reduce costs and improve quality, Japan is developing more advanced steel drum automation equipment. At present, Japan has made effective progress in the development of various projects. And looking for partners to carry out extensive cooperative development on these projects, briefly introduced below.

1. Automatic production equipment for fully open steel drums

The fully automatic production equipment for closed steel drums is mature, but the automated production equipment for fully open steel drums is still under development. The automation program is currently being prepared and will be completed shortly.

2, automatic printing device

Printing text and graphics on steel drums should be automatic, which may save labor, improve quality, and improve the working environment. At present, automated production on the top surface of steel drums has been achieved, but the problem of curved printing on steel drums has not been satisfactorily resolved. This work has now begun to be developed.

3, automatic production line of barrel mouth

The main problem affecting the development of automatic production line for barrel mouth is the standardization of barrel mouth parts. At present, automatic installation such as rubber sealing ring and automatic cleaning before plating are being developed. The original barrel production requires a lot of workers, and the new production line will greatly save labor.

4, the best welding control

In order to prevent leakage caused by defects during welding, Japan has automatically monitored each parameter in the welding process from the optimization of welding conditions and improvement of welding measures, so that the parameters are feedback with the change of the welding temperature, etc., and then automatically adjusted. . Compressed air is introduced for testing at any time, and all processes are performed according to the program. This project has a good investment income.

5, automatic detection equipment for steel drums

Most of the earliest steel drum quality inspections were carried out by visual inspection, mainly relying on inspection by inspectors, so there are inevitably some missed inspections. Now Japan is developing an automatic inspection device for steel drums. It uses microcomputer control to observe and analyze the imaged information. The analysis and processing results can be completed without errors.

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