Linyi Xinhua Insurance held

Linyi Xinhua Insurance held on: 2016-03-16 12:19

On the annual 3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Day, the Xinhua Insurance Linfen Center Sub-branch organized employees to come out and carry out insurance knowledge promotion activities. The focus of this event is on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing and safeguarding social and economic security.

In January 2016, the Linyi Municipal Government issued the 2016 “Documentation of the People's Government of Linyi Municipality on Implementation of Lu Zhengfa [2015] No. 9 Document to Accelerate the Development of Modern Insurance Service Industry” in 2016, supporting the development of commercial insurance and actively participating in Social security system construction. Linyi Xinhua Insurance always adheres to the customer-centric business strategy. The specific work focuses on customer needs and customer experience, continuously improves service levels, and is committed to providing our customers with more valuable services.

Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing are far from ordinary citizens. However, everyone should be vigilant to prevent them from falling into the trap of fraud. Through the morning public contact with the public that the general public is still relatively unfamiliar with anti-money laundering, it is more effective to popularize anti-money laundering knowledge through outdoor publicity. In the future, Linyi Xinhua Insurance will organize more publicity activities to send more people to the general public. Practical insurance knowledge


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