Online SDI pollution index automatic measuring instrument

A value-added, automatic SDI tester with a detection principle in accordance with ASTM D4189-95. It is a must-have accessory for reverse osmosis pure water systems. Manual measurement SDI is a tedious and time-consuming task, resulting in measurement results. Larger errors, so the effect of the RO pretreatment system cannot be reflected in time and accurately. H85653 pollution index automatic measuring instrument automatically and continuously monitors the pollution index of RO influent water, completely eliminates the error of manual monitoring, so it can quickly and accurately reflect the effect of RO pretreatment system, control the influent quality, delay the membrane The service life is of great significance.

Human Torso Model

LEARNING ANATOMY MODEL FOR HUMAN TORSO. Easy to remove and assemble the different parts,enough details for kids to understand where things go and how they fit together.Great for classroom or at home.Great for anyone who interested in anatomy, nursing, physiology, etc.

INFORMATIVEV ANATOMY MODEL TEACHING AID FOR SCHOOL & CLASSROOM: Including torso, brain(2 parts),heart, esophagus trachea and aorta, lung (4 parts), skull cap,stomach, diaphragm, liver, pancreas and spleen, intestine.A total of 15 indication area. Suitable for grade school to high school age kids and even for professional use to illustrate anatomy to patients.
PORTABLE 3D HUMAN MODEL WITH ORGANS: You can take the model apart like a puzzle. Portable size enough to fit in your bag and take to classes or to sit on your shelf for display. Perfect gift for kids.
SOLID & DURABLE CONSTRUCTED ANATOMY MODEL: Made of PVC by professional teaching model aids supplier. Comes with instructions and a fabric for cleaning.

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