Outer ring type industrial circular tank

The valgus type upper ring industrial circular tank consists of a tank body, a tank bottom and a tank lid. A plastic pick-up beam is arranged on the can body and is connected to the can body through two fixed connecting points symmetrically with the upper part of the can body. The lid of the can is a valgus-type can lid. The lid of the can is provided with a round-edged disk shape, and the outer disk is provided with an valgus-type upper ring, and there is an annular groove between the upper ring and the inner ring of the valgus-type ring. The inner mouth cross-section of this type of outer ring industrial circular tank is located outside the tank body and does not directly contact the installed product. The ring on the tank will not rust, so it will not affect the product quality and will not affect the round tank. The appearance of the package significantly improves the quality of the package and the user's satisfaction with the packaged product.

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