Perspective holographic film

The common point of this type of product is that the film-covered printed graphic can be observed through the holographic film, without affecting the hologram presentation. The perspective type holographic film has three kinds of existing varieties due to different production processes. The first type is the metal mesh type, which relies on the storage of holographic images on the metal screens, covering the images through the perspective of the transparent mesh wall, and the second is the evaporation of oxides, which is the transparent resin film bearing the embossed holograms, continuously evaporated on the relief surface with high refraction. Rate of oxide protective layer to ensure that the holographic image is not lost: Third, the evaporation of metal, usually on the transparent resin film continuous evaporation of a semitransparent semi-transparent aluminum film, thus taking into account the diffraction efficiency of the embossed hologram Coverage of text and graphics. Perspective holographic film is mainly used for ID card film, plastic packaging and printing film.

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