PHASEABLE--Two-and-a-half composite waterproof and windproof reading>>

Two-layer composite PHASEABLE

Xinbaoshi PHASEABLE is a two-and-a-half composite that combines the advantages of two- and three-layer composites. Xinbaoshi PHASEABLE is particularly durable and has the best breathability. Due to its light weight, it can accompany you regardless of the challenges you face. What's more, PHASEABLE is absolutely waterproof and windproof.

Xinbaoshi PHASEABLE supports your natural body temperature adjustment. It can change to a different state depending on your level of exercise to achieve optimal functionality. During normal rest, an air barrier will warm you. When you are exercising, the film stretches so the air barrier shrinks. At the same time, the stretched film makes the breathability better.

An air barrier keeps you warm while exercising lightly

As movement increases, the film stretches, thus reducing the air barrier. At the same time, the expansion of the film increases its breathability.

Three reasons to choose PHASEABLE:

PHASEABLE is as light as the two-layer composite and is as durable as the three-layer composite. The bubble triangle inside suits the warm personality of the person who dresses. Xinbao Shi PHASEABLE absolutely waterproof and windproof, and breathable particularly good.

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