Prepress Design Precautions

After the prepress design of the print document is completed, the finished document needs to be carefully checked to ensure that no errors occur in the printing. Here are some things to note:

1. The text on the layout must be 3mm away from the cutting edge to prevent it from being cut when cropped. Text must be curved or framed. Don't use system words for text. If you use it, it will cause white nodes in the staggered part of the stroke. After the text is turned into a curve, please pay attention to whether there are skipping or overlapping inconsistencies between characters or lines. If there is a white node at the staggered point, it can be handled with a broken command. Do not use overprinting in black text.

2. The printing color cannot be requested by the color of the screen or the printer, and the customer must decide the coloring by referring to the percentage of the CMYK chromatogram. At the same time, note that the CMYK chromatograms produced by different manufacturers are affected by factors such as the type of paper used, the type of ink, and the printing pressure, and there may be differences in the same color patches.

3, the same document in different times when printing, the color will be different, the color difference within 10% is normal (because the amount of ink control will be different each time), the big machine printing, care about this missing, if there is an old file to be printed In order to avoid excessive color difference, we can only refer to the digital color samples produced by our company. The color differences that occur in different printed products may not be used as reasons for return.

4, the color of the color block, please try to avoid the use of dark or full version of the combination of colors, or printing after cutting easily produce back print. Because of the small amount of business card printing, the areas with the same large areas of color on the front and back sides are difficult to ensure consistency and have no ink spots, and they must not be used as reasons for return.

5. The color of the shading or base map must not be less than 10% to avoid rendering the finished product.

6, please use CoreIDRAW 9.0 Chinese version of the design and production of documents, due to the needs of the group version, using the Mac design documents will be converted to PC format. In CoreID RAW, images and photos must be input in TIFF file format, CMYK mode, not in PSD file format, all imported image maps, separated drop shadows, and OWERCLIP objects filled with transparency and filter materials, please In the CoreIDRAW, transfer a bitmap again (color is CMYK32 bit, resolution is 300dpi, antialiasing compensation transparent background uses the color profile to tick). In order to avoid the formation of Masek image. If you want to adjust the node to reduce the bitmap, please transfer the bitmap again (options as before) to avoid partially hiding the bitmap output. Use coreldraw's "filter effects" to deal with objects also please turn a bitmap (options as before) in order to be foolproof.

7. For all input or self-drawn graphics, the thickness of the wire frame should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed matter will cause a disconnection or an inability to render. In addition, the wire frame cannot be set to "zoom with image", otherwise it will form an irregular line when printed out.

8, when the gradient object into the frame accurately cut, please turn it into a bitmap (method with the 6th point), because the gradient of the placed frame and other objects to do after the rotation, it gradually The direction of the layers does not rotate together. In addition, the “edge width” cannot be set for any gradient object, because the interpretation of the output machine is different, and sometimes the gradient edge fill is insufficient.

9, Double-sided double-fold business card, please mark the fold line and the front and back.

10, because from the network of colorless manuscript can be proofread, if there is a strict standard color of the color can not be guaranteed exactly the same.

11, regardless of business cards, cards, regardless of single-sided, double-sided, regardless of the number of the number or style number, are placed on the same page, do not page production.

12. Manuscripts do not need to draw crosshairs and cutting lines. 2 invisible wireframes can be used to make the size and bleeding line 92 x 56mm, and after cutting 90 x 54mm (that is, 1mm haemorrhage is left on each side). If special sizes are required, please specify in the order and in the uploaded documents.

13, special attention to any pictures, color blocks or lines beyond the production size, please be sure to put into the frame. Do not cover it with white patches, so as not to cause trouble during the closing.

14, the above notes must be completed after the final inspection, in the CoreIDRAW file options, click "Text Information", you can display all the document data, including whether the text has been transferred to the curve, (if all the text has been transferred to the curve, The text statistics item will show: there is no text object in this file), whether the bitmap is CMYK (the bitmap object should be the surveyed CMYK-32 bit), the color fill and the frame is completely the color of CMYK Mode, do not use RGB colors. Whether the frame is still set to "zoom with the image", etc., and indicate your company's trade name, member number, contact person, delivery address, contact number, and number of boxes, in order to be completely secure.

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