Principle and characteristics of bronzing process (below)

In addition to the requirements of accurate bronzing position, smooth and bright surface, balanced and uniform pressure, no blistering, no paste version in production, it also requires that there should be no obvious indentation on the edge of the bronzing pattern. Good adhesion and no obvious scratches and scratches. Everyone knows that the bronzing process is actually a process in which the paper is heated and compressed. During the production process, it is necessary to minimize various unfavorable factors of paper deformation, which will greatly help the smooth progress of the post-gilding process and the improvement of product qualification rate. Let's talk about the control, faults and troubleshooting of the quality of bronzing:

First, the bronzing version

The production of bronzing plate mainly adopts photo-etching technology and electronic engraving technology, and the material is mostly copper plate or zinc plate. The copper plate material is exquisite, and the surface finish and heat transfer effect are better than the zinc plate. The use of high-quality copper plate can improve the gloss and outline clarity of bronzing graphics. The traditional photo-etching technique for making bronzing plates is simple in process, low in cost, and short in service life. It is mainly used for bronzing of text, thick lines, and general images. The bronzing version produced by electro-engraving can express rich and delicate level changes, and its high printing resistance is suitable for the packaging of cigarette packs, product quality requirements, and large batches.

Second, the appropriateness of bronzing

Refers to the model selection of anodized aluminum and the matching between the bronzing speed, temperature, pressure and other factors. The process of hot stamping is as follows: prepare a version for hot stamping-adjust the hot stamping process parameters for a pad version-try a hot stamp, a sample and a formal hot stamping.

Third, bronzing failures and troubleshooting

Hot stamping is not possible or the stamping is not true: This is related to the surface characteristics of the printed parts, the nature of the anodized aluminum, the hot stamping temperature and the pressure and other factors.

1. Too much powder is applied on the surface of the printing, the printing ink is not dry or the surface contains additives such as debonding agent and varnish, which will hinder the adsorption of anodized aluminum and paper. It can be used to remove powder on the surface of the printed product or be resolved in the printing process.

2. Improper selection of anodized aluminum will also directly affect the fastness of bronzing. The type of anodized aluminum used should be comprehensively considered according to the size of the gold foil area and the characteristics of the material to be stamped. There are many models of anodized aluminum materials on the market, and each model corresponds to a substrate with different materials and its most suitable hot stamping range. They are mainly distinguished by the adhesion and peeling degree during use.

When anodized aluminum is selected, the following categories can be referred to: hot stamping on general products (general ink color). Anodized aluminum has 88-I type and KURZ PM type: dense ink-colored prints (including gold and silver) for cigarette packs and cosmetics The hot stamping anodized aluminum has 88-2 type; the cigarette stamping, cosmetic packaging and other fine stroke hot stamping anodized aluminum has 88-3, 88-4 type, PM288, etc. Suitable for 0PP or PET laminated paper and cardboard with UV ink , Glazing paper and other products hot stamping anodized aluminum have 88-4 type, K series, LK series, and SP series.

3. Failure to properly grasp the matching between the hot stamping equipment, hot stamping time, and hot stamping temperature, which affects the fastness of hot stamping and the clarity of graphic outlines. For example, the high-speed circular rounding machine is fast and the stamping line contacts, and the hot stamping temperature is higher than the circular flattening or flattening. In general, the temperature of round pressing and round hot stamping is 190% ~ 220 ℃, the round pressing is about 130 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, and the flat pressing is about 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃. Of course, the pressing time, hot stamping temperature and production efficiency are also largely restricted by the transfer performance of anodized aluminum. Also pay attention to check whether the pressure is balanced, and check whether the hot stamping version is damaged if some graphics and text are not hot stamped.

Anti-pull: Anti-pull means that the anodized aluminum will remove the printing ink or varnish on the printed parts after hot stamping. The main reason is that the ink on the surface of the printed product is not dry or the post-processing of the UV on the surface of the printed product is improper, resulting in the poor combination of the ink and UV oil on the surface of the printed product and the surface of the paper. The stamping should be done after the printed matter is dry. In addition, anodized aluminum materials with low separation force and excellent heat transfer can be used.

4. Discoloration and paste of anodized aluminum after paste and hot stamping are mainly caused by poor production of bronzing plate, loose installation of anodized aluminum, or incorrect movement of anodized aluminum foil. The discoloration of anodized aluminum after hot stamping is mainly caused by too high hot stamping temperature. In addition, the wrinkling of anodized aluminum is also easy to cause uneven coloring and discoloration of hot stamping, which can be solved by appropriately lowering the temperature. For the round flattening model, a fan can be added at the foil feeding place to keep the foil pulling and flutter, to avoid the anodized aluminum touching the bronzing version and burning it before hot stamping.

5. The outline of the picture and text is fragile: the bronzing that needs to be processed by laminating, because it is worried that the gold foil is easy to be wiped off, the foil is printed first and then coated. This is easy to cause the film (especially dumb film) to destroy the surface gloss of the anodized aluminum, and it is not suitable to use a water-soluble glue coating, otherwise it will cause the surface of the anodized aluminum to blacken, and at the same time it is easy to cause the gold powder to stick to the edges of the text and cause a virtual phenomenon .

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