Salad oil anti-UV shrink transparent film

The anti-ultraviolet (UV) shrink film imported and developed by Kerry Grain & Oil of China is used to package Aurora AE salad oil, which can protect vitamin components in oil from ultraviolet radiation and protect nutrients from damage. The film is a packaging machine 'target = _blank> transparent film, the appearance of crystal clear and translucent, to overcome the inconvenience caused by blocking the UV line using the unpackaged machine 'target = _blank> transparent film material packaging to consumers. The film utilizes a variety of advanced technologies such as spectrum analysis, nanotechnology, nutrition, and hygiene to incorporate a substance that effectively absorbs ultraviolet rays, that is, ultraviolet sensitized granules, to protect the vitamins in the oil. damage.

Free Sample Good selling warm shoulder strap pad shoulder wrap brace

Product name: Shoulder Pads, the colors are black and blue. 

material is neoprene which will be very comfortable to fit your shoulder, and ease pain in your arms and make your arms looks more beautiful, the logo Can be OEM which means you can order the products in our company and have your own logo on it to extend the business in your country or throughout the world.

color any other are available per customer's requests

features shoulder protect

packing OPP.PVC.graphic carton

shoulder pads

shoulder pads 2018

Shoulder Pads

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