Start from the roots to reduce sticky box failure (7)

Test board performance

Testing each layer of linerboard can determine the characteristics of the cardboard so that it can be determined whether these characteristics are the root cause of the failure of the adhesive box. These tests include a peel-off paperboard test (for multi-layer cardboard), a Z-direction strength (ZDT) test, and a wax viscosity test (test surface strength). Among them, the wax viscosity test is the only simple test that can be performed on multilayer cardboard. In such tests, there is often a lack of individual testing of each layer of the multilayer cardboard. Although there are some methods that can be used to test multi-ply paperboards, these tests are not effective for testing the internal bond strength of multi-ply paperboard and for each paperboard inside. If the fiber breaks below 100%, it may cause problems such as poor quality of the paste box, poor use of the paste, poor compatibility of the adhesive with the cardboard surface, and the like. You can find the reason from the following aspects:
n Whether the adhesive being used is a product that has been used for a long time, or whether it has undergone detailed testing and trial production before replacement. Special reminders must be strictly screened before replacing the adhesive.
n Whether paper raw materials are used or not, if the paper is replaced, whether the new components in the current paper are different or not, and whether the different components are one of the reasons that cause the sticky box to fail.
n Is there any change in the production process? When the fiber breaks below 100%, the focus of the test should be on the use of binders for testing known standard paperboards, the testing of known standard binders for linerboards, and the use of binders for problematic paperboards. Wait.

In the event of stickies failure, we will take the above test to find the root cause of the problem. It is worth noting that the reason is usually more than one, but they are intertwined. The stability of raw materials is an important means of ensuring product quality, do not frequently change. At the same time, we must actively look for ways to ensure the stability of raw materials, prevent them from happening, and reduce the occurrence of stickies from the root.

Source: Corrugated boxes

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