Swine fever (CSF) ELISA kit

Hog Cholera is an acute contagious disease. It is a very serious disease in the pig industry in China and around the world. Therefore, when the country imports foreign pigs, the first is to test the pigs with ELISA kit. Here, the ELISA kit used is preferably a combination of a domestic ELISA kit and an imported ELISA kit, which is used for detection and lack of complementarity, so that the detection result can be more accurate. There are a wide variety of ELISA kits, including human elisa kit, mouse elisa kit, bovine elisa kit, and sheep elisa kit.
Procedure for detection: The serum to be tested and the most negative pig serum were diluted at a ratio of 1:400. Then set up two negative and two positive control wells according to the procedure written on the kit. After the reaction at room temperature, it was washed 3 times. Labeling is carried out by adding an alkaline enzyme. After the reaction at room temperature, a 3-word wash was carried out as above. Finally, p-nitroaniline phosphate substrate was added to each well, and the reaction was also carried out at room temperature for about 30 minutes, and then a stop solution was added to each well to stop the reaction. Read the result according to the wavelength, and finally.
Summary of the results: If a single negative serum is difficult to determine pigs infected with piglets. If it is recently infected, it is actually not checked. Therefore, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for imported chickens can only be used as a reference. At the time of detection, since the domestic ELISA kit and the imported ELISA kit were tested together, some gaps and deficiencies in the domestic ELISA kit and the imported ELISA kit can be seen when referring to the results.

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