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Xinbao Shi Sympatex is a windproof, rainproof and breathable fabric that enjoys a good reputation in Germany and Europe. Its superior performance makes it the standard equipment for most of the world's top expeditions. From the mountain climbing to the north and south poles, it can be found everywhere; and its excellent function makes it the first choice for outdoor casual wear fabrics. Whenever you put on the new Baoshi, you are always on a sunny day. In its famous triangular logo, white clouds are floating above the blue sky. It is a concept that symbolizes "Sympatex is always sunny." European media even praised the new protection to the body is "platinum-level protection."

Strict testing Although there are many similar fabrics in the market, Xinbao Shi has always maintained its reputation in Europe. 70% of Germans in Germany will immediately think of this brand, and 1 out of 4 Germans owns clothing containing Xinbao Shi fabrics. . “We strictly test each of our fabrics with the strictness of the Germans and guarantee that every piece of fabric provided to our customers is the most perfect, because really good windproof and rainproof fabrics are not tolerated.” Talking about the way to success, the new insurance The appropriate spokesman said. In order to give customers the promise of quality, every product of Xinbao Shi has undergone rigorous laboratory testing before, during and after production.

First, the film produced is strictly controlled. For example, very small pinholes are detected immediately under the laser technology, and the machine stops immediately. The defective parts will be cut out, so the new company authorized by the company will only accept 1A products.

In the second stage, fabric composites are tested. At this stage, the new Polysh film can be combined with all the fabrics. These compounds are strictly controlled by the laboratory and will undergo tests from the aspects of fastness, water resistance, air permeability (degree of moisture penetration), abrasion resistance, and tear resistance. Only when these samples pass the test and meet the new standards, they can obtain the license number, and the composite manufacturer can put the “Sympatex” logo when selling the compound.

The third step is the production of clothing and shoes. Samples of clothing and shoes that will be produced also need to be tested. For example, we simulated rain from a drizzle in a special shower room to a motorcyclist who traveled at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The stitching of the clothes must be sealed with special Sympatex tape. For footwear, we have a twist test that simulates the entire life cycle of a shoe. Only the terminal's product is waterproof and breathable, it can use Sympatex's mark. Moreover, each stitch on the product label has a number that allows us to identify the place and time of the dress.

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