The basic structure and principle of high pressure reactor

The basic structure and principle of high pressure reactor

The high-pressure reaction kettle is composed of a kettle body and a controller 1. The high-pressure reaction kettle body is composed of a reaction vessel, an agitator and a transmission system, a cooling device, a safety device, a heating furnace, and the like.
1. The kettle body and kettle cover are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel. The kettle body is connected to the flange by threads. The kettle cover is a flat body cover. The two are fastened and connected by main bolts and nuts distributed uniformly in the circumferential direction.
2. The main sealing port of the autoclave adopts A-type double-line sealing, and the remaining sealing points adopt the sealing form of the line contact between the arc surface and the plane, the arc surface and the arc surface, and rely on the high precision and smoothness of the contact surface to achieve Good sealing effect.
3. A barrel-shaped silicon carbide furnace core is installed outside the kettle, and the electric furnace wire is inserted into the furnace core, and its end is passed through the lower part of the furnace shell side, and is connected to the controller through a wiring stud and a rubber sheath cable.
4. A pressure gauge, rupture membrane safety device, vapor-liquid-liquid valve, temperature sensor, etc. are installed on the kettle lid, which is convenient to understand the reaction in the kettle at any time, adjust the medium ratio in the kettle, and ensure safe operation.
5. The coupling is mainly composed of a pair of inner and outer magnetic rings with strong magnetic force, with a pressure bearing spacer in the middle. The agitator is driven by a servo motor through a coupling. Controlling the speed of the servo motor can achieve the purpose of controlling the stirring speed.
6. The upper part of the spacer is equipped with a speed measuring coil. When the integrated stirrer and the inner magnetic ring rotate, the speed measuring coil generates an induced electromotive force, which corresponds to the stirring speed. The electric potential is transferred to the tachometer to show the stirring. Rotating speed.
7. A cooling water jacket is installed between the magnetic coupling and the kettle lid. When the operating temperature is high, cooling water should be passed, and the magnet steel temperature is too high to demagnetize.
8. The bearing adopts 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel bearing or high-strength electrified graphite, which is resistant to wear and tear and has a long maintenance period. 2) Reactor controller
1. The shell is made of standard aluminum alloy case, and the upper cover can be pulled out backward, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. The panel is equipped with temperature digital display meter, voltmeter, tachometer, control switch and adjustment knob, etc., for the operator to use.
2. Electrical principle: the electronic components of the agitation control circuit are assembled on a circuit board, using a double closed-loop control system, which has the characteristics of high speed regulation accuracy, stable speed, strong anti-interference ability, etc., and has the limitations of overspeed, overcurrent, etc. Protection function, adjust the "speed control" knob to change the DC voltage of the DC motor, thereby changing the speed of the motor to achieve the purpose of controlling the stirring speed.
3. The solid-state relay (commonly known as voltage regulator) is used in the heating circuit to adjust the voltage, which makes the heating circuit simpler. As long as the "voltage adjustment" knob is adjusted, the heating power can be adjusted. At the same time, the control part of the heating circuit is equipped with an intelligent digital display The temperature can be adjusted freely according to the requirements of the process, and the temperature control accuracy is extremely high (see the instruction manual of the temperature table for details)
4. All external leads are led out from the rear panel through the waterproof connector through the terminal in the controller.

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