The Bio Mar Cell research group led by Professor Christian Sardet of France has proved the relationship between oxygen consumption and Ca2 + shock during fertilization-the combination of non-invasive micro-measurement technology and fluorescent indicator

The fertilization process will cause the Ca2 + concentration and O2 consumption in the egg cells to increase at the same time, but it is unclear to what extent the relationship between these two phenomena is. Christian Sardet et al. [1] applied "non-damaging micro-measurement technology" [2] to detect oxygen consumption of eggs of Ascidian (Phallusia mammillata, two words are in italics), while using fluorescent indicators to monitor changes in Ca2 +. The study found that at each stage of meiosis, the increase in mitochondrial oxygen consumption and the increase in mitochondrial NADH concentration are in phase with the Ca2 + shock; and, in response to Ca2 + transients caused by Ins (1,4,5) P3, the response to oxygen consumption is increased.

This article uses "non-damaging micro-measurement technology" to detect O2 flow at the single-cell level, clarifying the close relationship between mitochondrial respiration and calcium shock during fertilization and meiosis. If you are not convenient to get this article, you can get it through our information sharing platform and literature download service

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[1] Dumollard R, Hammar K, Porterfield M, Smith PJ, Cibert C, Rouviere C, Sardet C. (2003). Mitochondrial respiration and Ca2 + waves are linked during fertilization and meiosis completion. Development. 130 (4): 683- 692

[2] Kunkel JG, S Cordeiro, Y (J) Xu, AM Shipley and JA Feijo. (2005) The use of non-invasive ion-selective microelectrode techniques for the study of plant development. Chapter V in Plant Electrophysiology- Theory and Methods ed. By AG Volkov, Springer-Verlag, Berlin / Heidelberg, P. 109-137.

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