The cloakroom is cleverly designed to create the perfect early summer home

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In addition to the strong storage function, the cloakroom should not be less decorative. Generally, the home is large enough to choose the walk-in cloakroom, but since the walk-in cloakroom is developed, all the clothes are exposed. If you don't pay attention to it, you will be disorganized and insane. Therefore, the layout of the cloakroom should be appropriate and reasonable, and the design should be added or subtracted to help you achieve the perfect cloakroom match.

Cloakroom design

This cloakroom is light and bright, showing the character of the protagonist's uncontested, breezy and bright moon. The overall wardrobe function is prominently and neatly arranged. The owner can change the flowers on the small table from time to time, and the faint moth orchid is also suitable for this extraordinary temperament.

Wardrobe design

The magnificent cloakroom, noble and sturdy, domineering side leakage. Why not add an electronic fitting mirror? The high-tech electronic fitting mirror will save you the trouble of trying a set of clothes. Just take the clothes on your body and you will get the perfect upper body effect, which greatly reduces the time for selecting clothes.

Body Harness

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