The home of development boards, the country's largest development board distribution center.

Beijing Avenue Aspect Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Zhongguancun Science Park, was created by senior software and hardware R & D personnel and senior marketing personnel. The company has considerable experience in the three lines of management, research and development, and marketing. The entire team is a dynamic team and a team full of fighting spirit. The employees of the company are both old and stable who have worked for nearly ten years, and young enterprising who have only worked for one or two years, which makes the company actively expand and adopt new things on the basis of laying a solid pace, and not forget to steadily develop while making progress. . All employees of the department graduated from well-known domestic universities and have extensive management experience and marketing experience in the electronics industry. Its products have been applied to some well-known domestic enterprises, and at the same time, it has also shown good momentum in market expansion.

The development board home, established in early 2004, is affiliated with Beijing Avenue Aspect Technology Co., Ltd., and its members have served well-known enterprises in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, and have conducted software and hardware research and development in the fields of communications, industrial control, and embedded systems. And to form the final product, some employees have had entrepreneurial experience, fighting in the market storm, exercise a keen eye and tough character. The development board home is committed to the application and promotion of various popular MCU, DSP, ARM, USB, FPGA / CPLD and other technologies, and strives to provide you with affordable and easy-to-use development boards to avoid repetitive investment in technology research and development and low-efficiency development. Take you quickly into the top frontier of embedded development.

The development boards of the development board house have been carefully and carefully selected by us. It can be said that each development board is a high-quality development board. We strive to build the development board house into the strongest, most precise and professional development board distribution center in China. , DSP development board, ARM development board, USB development board, microcontroller development board, FPGA development board, CPLD development board, CAN bus development board, comprehensive development board, 2000 development board, 3000 development board, 4000 development board, 5000 development board, 6000 development board, ARM7 development board, ARM9 development board, 44B0X development board, 2410 development board, USB1.1 development board, USB2.0 development board, FX2 development board, 51 development board, PIC development board and other development boards, we Everything!

Our slogan: Not flashy, focus on practicality!

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Account name: Beijing Dadao Zong Technology Co., Ltd.
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