The main points of choosing laser rangefinder

Some points to consider when choosing a rangefinder:
1. Measuring range
2. Measurement accuracy
3. The occasions used are basically divided into the following situations:
a) Only need to make distance measurement within a dozen meters, and the accuracy is not high.
Suggestion—Using an ultrasonic distance meter.
Remarks——The effect of the ultrasonic rangefinder is greatly affected by the environment, and its stability and directionality are worse than the laser rangefinder, but the price is relatively cheap!

b) The measurement distance is not long, but the relative accuracy is high!
Recommendation-optional short-range laser rangefinder.

c) The measurement distance is far, and it is mostly used for outdoor use!
Suggestion-choose a telescope type laser rangefinder (ie: long-distance laser rangefinder)!
Features-both telescope and rangefinder! With multiple observation magnifications, the user can easily aim at the target for distance measurement only through the cross-pointing system inside the eyepiece! The use of transparent infrared laser emission and reception that is harmless to the eyes can accurately measure the target distance. It is compact, light and easy to carry!

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