The range of product bag size deviation should be controlled

In general, the dimensional deviation of the finished bag should be controlled within the following range.

1 The deviation of the finished product length is +1.5mm (≤0.8% when the length is greater than 200mm).

2 The width deviation of the finished bag is +1.5mm.

3 Heat seal width deviation (heat seal size coincidence deviation) ≤ 10%.

4 Size deviation of relevant parts of heat sealing: The margin at the bottom (the distance from the outer line of the heat seal to the lower edge of the finished bag) is 0.5mm to 3mm. The back seal of the back sealing bag has two layers of heat sealing film with a deviation of ≤ 2mm.

5 pattern position deviation (the distance between the centerline of the printed pattern and the actual centerline of the finished product) ≤ 2mm.

6 positive and negative pattern inversion deviation (the distance between the positive and negative pattern center line) ≤ 1mm.

7 The deviation of the position of the back sealing inner line (the difference between the distances of the back sealing inner line to the two sides of the bag) ≤ 3 mm.

8 Finished bag trimming cuts the deviation of the edge line (the distance between the upper and lower trimming line of the bag to the actual position of the cut edge of the finished bag) ≤ 1.5mm.

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