The same fruit shows different qualities

Yogurt is a growing variety in dairy consumption. In particular, fruit-added yogurt products bring more delicious feelings to consumers, enabling consumers to enjoy more nutritious yogurt while enjoying more. The different flavors that many fruits bring.

In response to this market demand, Bright Dairy launched the fruit yoghurt, such as aloe vera, rose and other delicious series, in the domestic dairy production enterprises, and on this basis launched a large grain of fruit yogurt products, set off a domestic fruit The consumption boom of yogurt has led the popularity and fashion of yogurt products.

At present, the method for adding fruit granules commonly used by domestic dairy product manufacturers is to deliver the yoghurt and the fruit to be added to the same material pipe at the same time, stir it through a static mixer, and then enter the filling material tank for filling. Because the stirring and mixing effect of the static mixer is not ideal, and the phenomenon of fruit settling occurs in the yoghurt after mixing the fruit granules, the fruit granules in the fruit yoghurt product before and after the batch of filling are not produced. Balanced distribution affects the quality of the product. At the same time, due to the in-plane distribution of the filling nozzles, the distance between the filling nozzle and the feed tank is far and close, which results in uneven distribution of the fruit of the same batch of fruit in the filling of filling nozzles at different distances. The phenomenon occurs. Therefore, the fruit yogurt has brought product defects, especially large fruit products, this phenomenon will be more apparent.

After a great deal of research and experimentation, Guangming Dairy engineers and technicians abandoned the traditional method of static mixing of materials and took the lead in using the new technology of dynamic mixing to achieve uniform filling of fruit. The specific method is: the yoghurt and the fruit are conveyed separately, and the fruit particles controlled by the proportional controller are directly delivered to the dynamic mixer and the yoghurt conveyed to the dynamic mixer through another pipeline is fully stirred by the dynamic mixer and directly The input into the filling mouth of the product effectively ensures that the products of different filling batches and the same batch of different filling mouths can achieve a balanced distribution of fruit. In addition, Bright Dairy also uses a fruit-oriented dispenser technology in dynamic mixers to ensure system stability and reliability.

After using this new technology, Bright Dairy has further improved the quality of fruit yoghurt products, creating a precedent in the industry and steadily increasing product sales.

Source: Industry Packaging Solutions

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