Three different wardrobe designs are perfect for simple storage

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Customized wardrobes are becoming more and more familiar in the lives of consumers, and its advantages are obvious. Tailor-made for your home is like giving yourself a custom dress, learning from each other and maximizing your strengths. But considering everyone's storage habits and members are different, we will choose different wardrobes, such as the way to open the door and the size of the wardrobe. Let's take a look at the three most common wardrobes below.

Wardrobe design

Folding wardrobe

Capacity : 3 people

The details are perfect, and the high-quality hardware allows the wardrobe door to be folded for ten years. It softens the beauty of neutrality in Chinese aesthetic philosophy, and the expression of the line is simple and clear, without dragging the water, in line with the simple and elegant art of modern people. Simple but not vulgar, it is a good choice for modern people in fast-paced life.

Sliding door wardrobe

Swing door wardrobe

Capacity : 1-2 people

The swing door wardrobe combines the structural features of the traditional wardrobe. The novel style breaks through the existing style. The creativity makes the ordinary things full of charm, the inspiration brings luxury, and the multi-dimensional space has no boundaries.

Swing door wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe

Capacity : 2 people

A fully enclosed cabinet in the cloakroom makes it a place for family to rest in addition to changing clothes. The design with the door does not seem messy.

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