Three recommendations for the development of hydrogen sulfide test chambers

After investigation and research, combined with the strategic goals and key areas of China's hydrogen sulfide test box industry development, as well as the instrumentation production, the relatively concentrated area of ​​scientific research, the status quo and potential of enterprises, and other factors, we propose to support the development of instrumentation production bases and key points. The following recommendations for the corporate layout.
I. Instrument and instrument production base: Instrument and instrument production base is the center of China's instrument and meter industry development, and plays an important leading role in leading and promoting the development of China's instrumentation industry.
2. Accelerating the development of the instrument and meter industry is an urgent historical mission: Although the output value of the instrumentation industry accounts for a small proportion of the total output value of the national economy, according to statistics, it accounts for about 4% in the United States and less than 1.5% in China, but modern instruments The important role of instrumentation in today's society cannot be overestimated. Modern instrumentation is the source and an important part of the information industry, and it is also a bridge for the information industry to drive the development of other industries. The application field of modern instrumentation has already touched on “farm, light, heavy, sea, land and air, eating and wearing” and is ubiquitous. Therefore, developed countries have referred to the development of the instrumentation industry to a strategic level and fully valued and supported it.
III. Strategic objectives and key areas for the development of China's instrumentation industry: Strategic objectives: Through policy guidance, encourage resources such as capital and talents to invest in the instrumentation industry, accelerate the development of the instrumentation industry, and strive to achieve the following strategic objectives within 5 to 10 years. :
1 China's instrumentation industry, including industrial automation instruments and systems, scientific instruments, medical instruments, various types of measuring instruments and related sensors, components and materials, research and development and production capacity reached or close to the international level in the early 21st century;
2In 2005, industrial automation instruments and systems and scientific instruments in China's instrumentation industry can occupy more than 45% of the domestic market. Medical instruments and other instruments can occupy more than 30% of the domestic market; in 2010, industrial automation instruments and System, scientific instruments.

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