Wall-mounted cloakroom and panel cloakroom are highly concerned.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] There are many kinds of cloakrooms on the market. It is necessary for consumers to know some cloakroom knowledge before purchasing the cloakroom. There are many cloakrooms on the market, among which the wall-mounted cloakroom and the panel cloakroom are also very concerned. High, then what should we do after the purchase of the cloakroom?

Wall-mounted cloakroom maintenance:

Cloakroom maintenance

1. The position of the cloakroom should be kept away from the door, window, tuyere and other parts with strong air flow, and should not be exposed to sunlight.

2, do not place in the winter near the heating, avoid indoor temperature overheating, generally it is appropriate to wear a sweater indoors.

3, spring, autumn, winter three seasons to keep indoor air is not dry, it is best to use a humidifier to spray wet, indoor fish, flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity.

4, summer summer is coming, it is necessary to open air conditioning and dehumidification frequently, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of the wood, and avoid the structure from wet deformation and seaming.

5, to keep the clothes and hats clean, daily use a clean gauze to wipe the dust. It is not advisable to use a chemical brightener to avoid damage to the paint film. In order to maintain the brightness of the wardrobe paint film, the walnut can be crushed, peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze.

6. The panel of the cloakroom, in order to protect the paint film from being scratched, and to display the wood texture, generally place a thick glass plate on the table top, and separate the glass plate between the wooden table tops with a small suction pad. It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal plates.

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