What are the top ten brands of home treadmills?

What are the top ten brands of home treadmills? Home treadmills are among the top ten brands in the current list of woods. Many friends define them by sales volume. Some friends use evaluations, some use strength, but they are not comprehensive. The top ten brands of treadmills should be defined by combining multiple elements. In terms of brand strength, after-sales, quality, sales, evaluation, user ratings, and experience, for the current domestic brands of treadmills, the top ten brands are mostly home-made, and Shuhua, Yijian, and Yirun are Very good brand, let me introduce what are the top ten brands of home treadmills:

First, Yi Jian - Zhejiang Top Kang Technology Co., Ltd.;

Second place, Shuhua - Shuhua Co., Ltd.;

Third place, easy to run - Zhejiang Yi Run Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

4th, Uber - Zhejiang Uber Sports Products Co., Ltd.

5th, Qi Maisi - Zhejiang QiMeis Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Sixth, Huixiang - Shandong Huixiang Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.;

Seventh, Seoul - a company focused on high-end home and boutique commercial aerobic fitness equipment company. Hilton, Omni, Monaco and other world-class five-star hotels use SOLE products. Most of SOLE's products received the BEST BUY award from the US Consumer Guide 2011-2014.

Eighth, Yibu - Germany famous fitness brand, most high-end models, functional and practical.

Ninth, KUS-Korean brand, entered China in 2007, and won the favor of the majority of Chinese consumers with its unique brand appeal and excellent product quality, and won the “Top 10 international treadmill brands”, “the most influential "Power brand", "the most popular consumer brand" and many other honorary titles, and won the "2009 China Treadmill sales champion" laurel.

Tenth place, Ai Kang - a company engaged in the production and sale of sports and fitness equipment, has 195 patents, 130 patents in the process of application, 565 registered trademarks and 146 double tables under application. The media is recognized as the leader in the global fitness equipment industry.

In fact, for all of us, what is important is not the brand's ranking, especially for the first time consumers who buy home treadmills, can use this list to understand more treadmill brands if they are buying homes. Whether the treadmill is focused on the brand can be used as a reference. If there are conditions that can be seen whether there are these brands of specialty stores, you can go directly to the store to see, so that it is much easier to buy, but like these ten big brands of treadmill Tmall and Taobao have sales, It's just that there are too many businesses on Taobao, and the service and evaluation are not the same, so this requires us to buy a lot of reference.

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