Who said that boys can't play dolls? In fact, it is more beneficial to boys.

Most people don’t give toys to dolls like boys. But since last year, Mattel Toys has made a little boy ecstatic to play Barbie in its commercials, some people have begun to bravely express their views - who says boys can't play with dolls? However, many parents still find it difficult to accept this view. They have a lot of concerns, such as fearing that a boy grows up and becomes a sissy, or changes his sexual orientation. A man who played Barbie from an early age wrote an article for this. He wanted to tell you that there are many benefits to playing with a doll. For example, it is easier to create a good relationship between husband and wife, respect women, and understand gender equality.

Here is his point:
It’s not a bad thing for your son to play Barbie. I used to be such a boy playing Barbie. This is not because I like to play, but because I only have a little sister, and when she wants to play with me, I can only play with her dolls, run a house, and other girls of her age like it. s things.
Toy dolls can make boys better and more successful men. This is my five reasons:
1. He will have a better understanding of success.
Obviously, not every boy will eventually become an athlete, a male model or willing to experience a military career; but these are the toy images of boys. Nowadays, the boys' toys are heroes – they are concerned with the kind of success and greatness that the dolls display, and they don't care about the ordinary life of the toy image.
Reports from the Science Daily indicate that college students are often unable to complete their degrees, which may be related. People want to go to college, but they underestimate the effort they need to succeed. Find your passion before you enter the university, make your journey more enjoyable, and they are more willing to devote themselves to achieving the ultimate goal.
2. He will learn to understand the success of women through himself.
When boys play with toys, they create stories for themselves. Many stories are related to adventure and success, and when boys play with characters that are specifically designed for them to be more intense, the imagination of boys is more violent.
When a boy plays with a doll, he learns that both men and women will succeed, and they can all become heroes, and this will have an impact on their future lives. He will learn to understand the success of women through himself.

3. When he grows up, he will be more attractive to women.
The popular view is that super-masculine men are more likely to attract women. On the contrary, “masculinity is basically a man’s ability to show that he has good genes, control and the ability to give birth to healthier children. For women, this often means difficulty in cooperation, unrequited love, playfulness, and aggressiveness. And are unwilling to take care of children," author Jena Pincott wrote in an article published in the Wall Street Journal. Compared with boys who like to play with dolls, these people are more likely to have gender relations problems.
4. He will better understand gender equality.
Children who often play with dolls will have a more positive view of women. This quality makes them less likely to dislike women, and does not limit women, and does not think women need to perform traditional roles.
5. He will have a better and more substantial relationship.
Men, like women, have both a female and a male side in their personality. A boy playing Barbie can make him better develop his emotional acuity, which is often lacking by older men.
Emotional acuity is very important, it can make people better understand the feelings of the partner (and themselves), which can make him have a better and closer relationship with his partner.
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