Wireless communication solution for IP network video communication command platform of marine patrol ship

1. Project requirements There is now a data audio and video mobile command transmission project at sea. It is planned to use a wireless network for data transmission and two-way audio and video command.
1. Newly build 3 sets of mobile video transmission systems;
2. Newly build 2 receiving base stations, and finally transmit the data back to the monitoring and command center;
3. To achieve dynamic communication;
4. Realize free relay and roaming
5. Single link distance greater than 50 kilometers

2. Project analysis According to the needs of users, this project mainly realizes wireless networking, video monitoring and other functions through three sets of mobile communication systems.
According to actual needs, the monitoring point is moving. If the traditional cable laying method is adopted, it cannot be achieved at all. So we use the method of wireless bridge to connect the link. Using wireless equipment, the link is built quickly and can respond quickly, which can ensure the real-time delivery of the scene to the greatest extent. And the expansibility is strong, as long as the wireless communication equipment is increased or decreased, the increase or decrease of the LAN point can be completed. Effectively save investment costs.
The main technical points of the project:
1. Wireless LAN networking, dynamic communication. Can point to many points and free relay;
2. Video image acquisition and transmission control;
3. A set of video surveillance system is compatible with future expansion applications;

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